Process Information

OC Innovations have designed a canopy mounted UV-C solution, which easily converts any standard canopy into the UV-C canopy. The specification set out in the below enables all canopies to meet the “equal or approved” requirement for consultants specifying UV-C systems.

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In-Canopy UVC
Grease Odour Control Northern Ireland

The Benefits

  • Connector.

    Internally duct mounted UV-C tubes are able to offer excellent odour & grease reduction. The added effect of the intense ultra-violet light further oxidises the organic compounds ensuring a more effective odour & grease reduction.

  • Connector.

    When UV-C tubes are mounted directly in the contaminated air stream within the extract duct this ensures a “full width” dispersion of ozone across the air stream thereby increasing contact with the odour & grease molecules.

  • Connector.

    When combined with the Veritech high efficiency filter this serves to enhance the system performance and also attain UL1046 accreditation.

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