Pleated Disposable Panel
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Process Information

With the increased demands of advancing technology, the FP/PL Disposable Filter provides a high level of protection at a low replacement cost. The product is suitable for use in general filtration applications or as the first line of protection for a more elaborate filtration system. Being fully incinerable, the product is particularly suited for application where this form of disposal of the spent filter is anticipated.


The FP/PL is available in a large range of standard sizes in 1” and 2” & 4” (25, 50 & 100mm) nominal depths and may also be produced in non-standard sizes to suit application requirements.


The ‘UHV’ is available in a range of standard sizes, in Galvanised (G), MDF (M) or Stainless Steel (S).
Non-Standard sizes are also available on application.

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